Some Primping for Providence

24 Apr

Providence might be the #1 Restaurant in Los Angeles according to Jonathan Gold, and one of the best restaurants in the country according to Gourmet Magazine–but what great beauty doesn’t need a little work done every once in a while?

That’s why as Providence enters into it’s ninth year it’s undergoing a redesign both on the menu and in the dining room with Chef Michael Cimarusti hedging his bets that we won’t forget about him during the early June Hiatus.

Here’s what you can expect

-New interior designed by Tamara Kaye-Honey, with a focus on marine ecosystems but without losing the decadence. Think of it as Art-Deco meets Finding Nemo.

-New menu which will be more tasting-menu focused. Giving guests the choice  between signature dishes, a market menu, or a chef’s compendium. Have no fear though some a-la-carte items will still be available.

-The same reverence for wild-caught and sustainable products that makes us foodies feel less bad about that fatty duck liver pate we had last night.

Providence will be open as usual during the month of May, but beginning in June you’ll have to get your Cimarusti fix at Connie & Ted’s :)


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The Least Taxing Thing about Tax Day

15 Apr tax

Today is a national day of dread for most Americans, so to ease the stress a little your favorite L.A. Bars have come up with some fiscally responsible ways to keep enjoying your cocktails!

Nic and Stef’s Steakhouse for $5 hand shaken Martini’s an 10% off your entire Bill

The Thirsty Crow for an old fashioned that will only put you back $1

La Cuevita (available from 7-9pm) where The Write Off will have you happy you saved those receipts!

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar’s Write Off Cocktail–only $4.15 but still exploding with the Gin and Angostura bitters of a $10.00 cocktail!

Kendall’s Brasserie and Bar for a $7 Gerard Depardieu Unpaid Taxes Cocktail…the name alone should be enough to get you downtown!

Follow my suggestions and you’ll only end up spending about $20! Plus the price of the uber to get you home safely after all this fiduciary fun…




Shhhh….The Whisper Restaurant & Lounge has a new menu

12 Apr Whisper_Interior_01

Anyone who has braved The Grove Mall on a Saturday afternoon can appreciate The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge and it’s ability to offer an escape from the crowds. Now if that isn’t enough for you, you can settle into an old mahogany chair at the bar with a new menu in your hands.

Here a few of my favorites from Chef Anthony Jacquet-including his favorite cocktail which is steadily running out thanks to his recommendation


The Bunsky-a alassic dry Bombay sapphire martini (’s straight Bombay)

The Wolf of Bow Street-a lighter cocktail made with prosecco, amaro, and fresh lime juice

Bar Bites

Lobster Roll on Brioche-worth getting your hands dirty for

lobster roll

Supper Club Sliders


Whisper Fries-served with a side of blue cheese, truffle ranch, and BBQ dipping sauces that were so good I would have dipped my fingers in and ate THEM if no one was around.


Roasted Cauliflower


Chef’s Favorite Drink

The Guillermo Loco-a house made Casa Noble reposado tequila that is aged six weeks and spiced with mole… just one more reason why you might want to keep this new menu a secret :)



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National Something on a Stick Day!

28 Mar eva-mendes-golden-globes

March 28th is National Something on a Stick Day…because why should plates have all the fun??

Here are a few spots in LA where you can get your primitive bite on–the last one is a classic.


As an homage to Peruvian street food, Chef Ricardo Zarate offers anticuchos, or small bites of grilled, skewered meat ranging from beef heart to chicken tail.


Think of it as Surf and Turf without the work– Chef Koji Matsuzaki has perfected the Lobster Skewer with Uni Butter and Truffle Essence



Chef Sven’s S’mores Lollipops will have you feeling like you’re twelve and back in camp again…only you’re actually an adult and in a fancy hotel in Santa Monica.


Hot Dog on a Stick

Hey if it’s good enough for Eva Mendes…it’s good enough for me



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It’s National Pi Day!

14 Mar 20140314-045701.jpg

Today is 3.14 which means it’s National Pi Day!

You could celebrate today by doing math problems…but wouldn’t you rather add an E and enjoy a slice of heaven?

Here a few places where you can stuff you pie hole today!

Post and Beam

Whether it’s for a hand-stretched pizza or a sweet potato pie, Chef Govind Armstrong has you covered.


Republic of Pie

Quickly becoming the only reason to go to North Hollywood, the Republic of Pie is a great place for a slice and a song. It’s home to a performer series every night of the week.


I heart Pies

If you’ve ever seen this table at your local farmers market then you know the lure of the teeny tiny individually wrapped pie. It might end up costing you $3 a bite, but you are left with half the guilt. Need a little more love?… They offer a pie of the month club!


So go out and enjoy the day, the possibilities are infinite :)


Post & Beam Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Sammies in Santa Monica

6 Mar CiBOTECA Interior

Have you ever found yourself hungry on the stretch of Broadway in Santa Monica where you are too far from 3rd street to walk there, but still not quite desperate enough to eat at Vons?…

If this is you then consider yourself saved because the masterminds behind Hosteria del Piccolo and Piccolo Venice have brought Ciboteca to the neighborhood!

Whether you are picking up a quick Hostaria Panini for lunch or a “home-made to make a home” meal like braised octopus with polenta for dinner, you can revel in the fact that you are living the “eat less taste more” philosophy and celebrating your absolutely gourmand self!


Since you’ve been so good, make sure to pick up some desserts courtesy of Pastry chef Yukari Kamiya.


You’ll be saying ciao to your mangia monotony in no time!!


The Ultimate Oscars Viewing Party

27 Feb wow

What’s better than going to the Oscars?…Watching them at the W Hotel in Westwood!

Whiskey Blue in the W Los Angeles Westwood Hotel will be hosting a live telecast starting at 5 PM featuring an Oscar themed photo-booth and specialty craft cocktails like the Dallas Buyers Club cocktail made with Old Forrester bourbon and a combination of bitters.

Not enough excitement for you? Then why not check into the Extreme Wow Suite for the night. For $2,500, 10 of your closest friends can enjoy an open bar with a specialty catered menu–and your three of your extra special friends can stay the night :)



Food I’m looking forward to in February

19 Feb voltagio

Whether you have 10 dollars or ten 10 dollar bills, here are a few things to Enjoy in LA this month!

Guest-Chef Burger at Umami-The Monte Cristo Burger!

The Monte Cristo Burger by Michael Voltaggio is available this month at Umami Burger and thank goodness it’s only for a limited time! This take on the popular sandwich consists of a beef patty covered in Gruyere cheese,  prosciutto and then sandwiched between two vanilla custard-soaked buns that have been deep fried and dusted with powdered sugar. Wash that down with a side of maple syrup and you’ve got yourself a coronary!


Cochon 555 at Superba Snack Bar

Cochon 555 is a yearly festival celebrating responsible farmers and heritage breed pigs. It also brings together a one-of-a-kind culinary tasting event which features five chefs, five pigs, and five winemakers for a friendly competition.

Jason Neroni wlll be hosting the kick-off event at Superba Snack Bar this Friday February 21st with a five-course $100 dinner-including wine pairings-prepared by some of Los Angeles’ most prominent chefs like Jason Travi of Superba Food & Bread, Jet Tila of Modern Asian Kitchen, and Micah Wexler of Wexler’s Deli.


Superba Snack Bar on Urbanspoon

Umami Burger on Urbanspoon

EatdrinkMIA-Elwood’s Gastropub

18 Feb

EatdrinkMIA-Elwood’s Gastropub.

Want to spend this Valentine’s Day with a beauty from Moscow?…

7 Feb last photo

Whether you want to stay in or go out this Valentine’s Day, Internet Sensation Olga Valentina has your night covered!

Olga Valentina–best known for her collection of shoes and sparky cooking personality–delights audiences each week with her cooking classes on created with the modern urbanite in mind.

Here is a look at a sumptuous meal you can create yourself at home—or if you have $2500 set aside for the day of love then scroll down for details!

Start with a Strawberry Lemonade Champagne made with Moet and Limoncello


Wet you appetite with some appetizers designed to excite your more tactile senses—notice most requiring using only your hands

Cauliflower Soup Shots


Citrus Lobster Salad


Move on the main-courses which are lighter than usual, to ensure you turn in early :)

Branzino with Green Beans and Russian Red Caviar


Cavatelli Bolognese with Venison


Dessert…well lets hope you can figure that out yourself…

If you’d rather go out then you can still enjoy Miss Valentina’s recipes, but in her home! It all starts with a limo ride and a bottle of Dom Perignon before your private Russian Fusion Dinner for Two.

Whichever you decide she will have your lover saying Ya tebya lyublyu in no time!



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