A Cameo at The Viceroy

27 Jun

It’s not often that traffic in LA works in your favor, so I considered myself very lucky when I was early to meet a friend in Santa Monica and had time to treat myself to a nibble at The Cameo Bar & Lounge at The Viceroy.

The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica is a chic boutique Hotel crawling with skinny, gorgeous models—so I thought, why not eat like one for an evening.

I chose 3 Crostini’s which consisted of Chicken Liver Mousse and Pancetta; Dungeness crab with Yuzu Mayonnaise; and Burrata with Pesto and Tomato. I complemented the little bites with a glass of Malbec, and almost as suddenly as they were brought to me, I found that they were gone!

My favorite was the Burrata with Pesto, and it was also the least expensive! ($3)

I wish I could say this was my entire dinner, but alas it was only appetizers in the grand scheme of my evening.

I may always be more Kate Winslet than Moss…but I’ll always be smiling:)


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