Silverlake becomes a Lago D’Argento

17 Sep

Fresh off my trip to New York City I’ve been experiencing major pizza cravings, so I had to try Silverlake’s newest neighborhood pizza spot, Lago D’Argento.

The meal began with cocktails (of course) and they have an extensive list with a myriad of liquor offerings! Also Happy Hour is from 4-7 PM!

I had La Paloma Rosa which is Tequila, Orange Liqueur, Fresh Lime, Grapefruit Juice & Peychaud Bitters-delish!

As an appetizers you can’t go wrong ordering the Lago chopped salad, but I urge you to splurge and have their homemade meatballs!

The bread it’s served with is a piece of heaven…so be ready to fight with your dinner partner over who gets the bigger half! (ps…I did :))

The pizza menu offers such inventive pies as duck sausage or truffle but I went with Squash Blossom as it seems to be the topping of the season! It certainly did not disappoint either.

For Dessert we had the budino, and although it’s no Mozza, you can never go too wrong with salted caramel.

All in all the Lago is a place to go back to, and my only regret is that it’s not in MY neighborhood!





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