Much more than Pizza at Angelino Pizzeria

1 Oct

This weekend was Carmagedon 2 in Los Angeles, so I was forced to satisfy my desire for good Italian without leaving the district.

Happily I came across Angelino Pizzeria in Toluca Lake, and was pleasantly surprised for a reason to stay close to home!

The lighting is impeccable in this delightful little spot! It’s so dark that you will think it’s 8 PM even when the sun is out-and this tricky lighting serves to cover up restaurant imperfections as well (I hardly noticed the cases of Peroni stacked next to our table).

Lighting aside the food is delicious! The bread on the table tastes a bit like left over pizza crusts—but they are good pizza crusts!!

We ordered a reasonably priced bottle of Chianti-and the label on the bottle showed it was imported straight from Italy.

I had the truffle paparadelle as an entrée, and although it was the same price as the wine…the portion was large enough for two meals!

I will go back to Pizza Angelino for sure, with or without access to the 405 Freeway!

Angelino Pizzeria Express on Urbanspoon

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One Response to “Much more than Pizza at Angelino Pizzeria”

  1. Sharzad Kiadeh (@LuxLyfe) October 1, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

    YUM!!! That pasta is making my mouth salivate…. ; )

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